Historia Universitatis Iassiensis 7, 103–116

Valentin MAIER | Între promovare și repetenție. O abordare statistică a învățământului superior românesc (1974-1988)

Abstract. After 1948 the higher education in Romania sustained many measures assuring its development, but also the control of the communist leaders. While the political influence never ceased, it created a suffocating pressure only in the 1950s with the purges of didactical staff and the prevalence of the soviet model in education in general, among other influences. Starting from the end of 1970s and throughout 1980s, the economical problems of Romania influenced also the evolution of higher education. Many measures aimed the structural contraction and reductions of study places in other sciences not related to industrial development, at least in the conception of communist leaders. I have tried to verify if these external factors have influenced in a way the educational results of the students (promotion rates and other related aspects) and what were the situation of the Romanian higher education centres and in comparision, of some of its institutions.