Historia Universitatis Iassiensis 11, 189–202

Mariana Ursachi & Cristina Bohan | Eduard Caudella în documente de arhivă

Abstract. In this paper, we aim to highlight a series of lesser-known aspects regard¬ing the family of Eduard Caudella, a notable representative of the Romanian cultural milieu. As a violinist, teacher, conductor, composer and as publicist, Caudella gained national and international recognition during his life. This article shares additional data about his activity as a manager of the Conservatory of Music and Declamation in Iași, contained in the archival docu¬ments. Throughout his career, Eduard Caudella has interacted with numerous prominent personalities by taking part in cultural and social events. He ensured the proper functioning of the Conservatory and tried to bring to Iași an air of snazzy modernity, which originated in the West, where he studied. We have mostly used the civil status registers, the fund of the Academy of Music and Dramatic Art “George Enescu” of Iași, and the Poni family fund, located in the National Archives of Iași.