Historia Universitatis Iassiensis 7, 119–132

Iana BALAN | Arhiva Universității din Iași între anii 1956 și 1989: prezentare generală

Abstract. The University “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” of Iași is provided with an impressing archive which can contribute to the research of academia’s history in Romania and has gain momentum thanks to the anniversaries of higher education institutions. Its corpus comprises a considerable amount of docu¬ments written between 1956 and 1989 and it is structured in another three sub-corpora which cover research information of administrative and historical contents. The current paper generally presented the archive and the steps it took through time to be in today’s current form. The study also focused on the presentation and organization of the documents’ corpus of the institution, because it is still unknown to the majority of researchers and therefore, it should be exploited. The presented ideas led us to believe that these sub-corpora could be of interest for some researchers and could open new ways for researching in different fields. The documents in the archive could form the basis for new approaches regarding the university’s international relations during com¬munism, the research and the instructive-educational activity, the correspon¬dence with institutions in the country and various information about Romanian and foreign students. Through this approach, we tried to demonstrate that the university’s archive has meaningful documentation resources that can launch new large-scale research not only in regards to academia’s history from Iasi, but also when it comes to some sociological studies.